Background Checks for Every Sale

As mayor of Malvern, I oversee the police department and I spend a lot of time thinking about how to keep people safe. I don’t ever want to have to pick up the phone and tell someone their loved one has been killed with a gun. I don’t want to have to stand at the funeral of someone whose life was cut far too short.

That’s why I’ve always been a supporter of criminal background checks for every gun sale. It’s why I’ve always been puzzled that Pennsylvania law exempts private sales of rifles, shotguns and military style assault weapons from background checks. Thankfully, there’s a bipartisan bill in the legislature to fix that loophole.

You can help give the background check bill some momentum by calling our state Rep. Duane Milne at (610) 251-1070 and asking him to co-sponsor HB 1400, the background check bill.

Rep. Milne has supported commonsense gun regulations in the past, and he’s voted for the background check bill before. Now we need him to show his support for HB 1400, which already has seven Republican co-sponsors. You live in Rep. Milne’s district if you’re in Malvern, Exton, or the townships of East Whiteland, West Whiteland, West Pikeland, Willistown, Charlestown, or Easttown.

An overwhelming majority of Pennsylvanians supports background checks, including supermajorities of Republicans and people in gun-owning households. We know that although handguns are used more often in crimes, long guns are used disproportionately by domestic abusers to kill women and by criminals to kill cops. These are crimes that every mayor worries about, whether we serve in a big city or a small town.

Will you help move the background check bill forward? Please call Rep. Duane Milne’s Malvern office now, while you’re thinking about it, at (610) 251-1070. Tell the staffer who answers that you’re a constituent and you support background checks for every gun sale. Ask that Rep. Milne co-sponsor HB 1400, the background check bill. Then, reply to this email and tell me how it went.

Together, we can move the background check bill forward and make Pennsylvania a safer place.

David Burton
Mayor, Malvern