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One more click…three important emails


Three More Emails

Let the RI General Assembly know it’s time for action on domestic violence!

Take Action

Dear Friend,

Last night we scored a huge victory in our fight to make Rhode Island safer from gun violence. The Rhode Island House of Representatives, by a vote of 56-12, passed the Protect Rhode Island Families Act sponsored by Teresa Tanzi. But we have more work to do, and with the clock ticking down to the end of the 2017 legislative session, it’s critical for you to take action immediately. The bill still needs to be passed by the Senate Judiciary Committee, and brought to the floor of the Senate for a vote.

We need you to send three emails, and you can do it with one click:

1. Email Senate Leadership to demand S0405, the Senate companion bill to H5510 sponsored by Senator Harold Metts, be immediately passed out of committee for a vote before the full Senate.

2. Email Rhode Island’s State Senators asking them to vote “yes” on S0405 when it reaches the Senate floor.

3. Thank the members of the Rhode Island House of Representatives who voted in favor of H5510.

We are so close to victory, but we need one final push from you to push this life-saving legislation across the finish line.

Thank you,

Pete Bilderback, Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence

They’re voting to put guns in classrooms today

The PA Senate, not content to focus on finalizing a budget this week, has decided to take up the issue of allowing teachers and other nonsecurity personnel to be armed in our public schools. No one thinks this is a good idea — not teachers, not parents, not students, and not even two joint State Government Task Forces that have studied the issue. In fact, many of the teachers who survived the Sandy Hook shooting sent a letter to our Senators expressing their deep opposition to this proposed policy.

Please email your Senator right now to ask him or her to vote NO on SB 383, a dangerous bill that will Not make our kids safer. They need to hear from you.

Let them know you’re watching and counting on them to do the right thing.

Show some Protect Minnesota PRIDE!

Dear Friend,

With Twin Cities PRIDE just three days away, we’ve only got about half as many volunteers as we need to staff the Protect Minnesota booth. This year the weather is supposed to be cool and beautiful–a high of 70!–and we have some really fun new activities lined up. All we need now is YOU.

Twin Cities PRIDE is by-far our most important outreach event of the year. Our booth will be popular and very busy. We need friendly volunteers there to help with the games, sell t-shirts, and sign folks up to join Protect Minnesota and work for sensible gun laws.


Volunteer shifts are only two-hours long. Please click HERE to sign up TODAY. And invite a friend or two to come with you!

Let’s sign up! Let’s show our PRIDE! Let’s PROTECT MINNESOTA! 


Rev. Nancy Nord Bence, Executive Director
PS – Booth volunteers will receive a FREE Protect Minnesota t-shirt. What a deal!

Literally our coolest gift ever…


Summer is special here in Wisconsin.

And just like we value these wonderful, long, warm days, spent with friends and family, we value peace and safety in our neighborhoods. Because it means so much to us, we aren’t afraid to speak up for the vision of community we believe in, for the safer Wisconsin all of our families deserve.

We know how important this is to you. That’s why all summer long we will be working relentlessly against dangerous legislative proposals like “permitless carry” that would put our families at risk. And that’s why we’re hoping you’ll show just how important a safer Wisconsin is to you.

>>>Make a donation of $25 or more to support our work this summer, and we’ll send you a lunch tote you can bring with you on every summer adventure.

Over the past few months, thousands of people like you — people from all across Wisconsin — have worked shoulder to shoulder with us: calling, emailing, even testifying to our elected leaders face-to-face to demand our freedom from gun violence.

Our movement is growing stronger every day. You have played a big part in our growth, and we want you to be proud of that.

Donate $25 or more today, and we’ll rush a WAVE lunch tote to you so you can start showing your support for a safer Wisconsin right away.

You are the heart and soul of this movement, and we could not be more grateful to you for your dedicated support of our work and your unwavering commitment to saving lives.

Thank you,

You’re Invited! RICAGV Thank You Party – Tuesday, June 27th

Dear Friend,

Please join us so we can thank YOU and all of our volunteers and legislators who have supported the efforts of the Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence to promote common sense gun legislation this year. This has been a great year for the Coalition, and we hope we will have some big accomplishments to celebrate by June 27th. Please join us!

This year’s “Volunteer of the Year” award will be going to Tom Wojick, and our “Partner of the Year” award will be going to the Columbus Theatre.

When: JUNE 27th 5:30-7:30 (speaking portion from 6:15 – 6:45)

Where: Save the Bay Center (Save the Bay Drive, Providence, RI 02905) 

Please RSVP to Nan Heroux 


The Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence

Attend CT Open Tennis Tournament; Help CAGV


Dear Friend,

The 2017 Connecticut Open Tennis Tournament is coming up and will be held from August 18-26 at the CT Tennis Center at Yale, New Haven.

Not only can you enjoy a week of exciting tennis matches and fun activities, but you can save 25% off the ticket price and support CT Against Gun Violence at the same time!

Simply enter our code: CO17CAGV when you purchase your  tickets. You will not only receive your 25% discount, but 50% of your total net purchase will be made as a contribution to CAGV.

Don’t miss this fantastic tournament in New Haven from August 18-26.

See below for more information.

We are having a Birthday Party!

Join ICHV as we celebrate our 42ndBirthday!

Thursday, July 27th

5:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Old Crow River North

149 W. Kinzie

Chicago, Illinois

Tickets are $42 in advance and $50 at the door


Click here to purchase your ticket TODAY!

Appetizers * Cocktails * Raffle

Host Committee (in formation)

Deborah Crockett, Brian Cross, Colleen Daley, Susan Danzig, Brit Galvin, Amanda Glascott, John Gruber, Dave Horwich, Robert Klaus, John Kohlhepp, Carolyn and Les Kruse, Becky Levin, Nicole Levitz, Carolyn Lewis, William Marovtiz, Dion McGill, Molly McKillip, Hanna Moosa, Rob Nash, Erin O’Brien, Claire Reed, Paula Riggins, Jodi Rosen, Colleen Smith, Danielle Stipe, Denyse and Dave Stoneback, Mark Walsh

How BIG Is Minnesota?
Dear Friend,

Question: How big is Minnesota in square miles?

Answer: 86,943

Minnesota is a BIG state, and our goal is to paint every bit of it orange for gun violence prevention. You can help by buying your tickets TODAY to Paint It ORANGE!, the kick-off celebration for our expansion into Greater Minnesota.

 Thursday, July 13, 2017
International Institute of Minnesota
1694 Como Avenue, St. Paul MN 55108 — Free parking!

Don’t miss this lively celebration of everything Minnesotan and everything ORANGE. There will be fun pay-to-play Minnesota-themed games, prize raffles, silly orange “mock-tails” and edibles, a cash beer and wine bar, and hearty Minnesota finger food. We’ll also share our vision for organizing and mobilizing supporters in Greater Minnesota, and recognize Interim Board Chair Cheryl Persigehl for her exemplary leadership.
Proceeds will help Protect Minnesota expand the scope of our influence across the state.This is especially critical now because the gun lobby will fight hard to pass permitless carry and Stand Your Ground bills in 2018. We blocked them this year; please help us do it again!
Tickets are just $25 each–what a deal!–but feel free to give more. Donors of $100 or more will be listed by range of gift in the program as Blaze Orange Leadership Circle donors. Click HERE to get your tickets today! And invite your friends!

Three Life Saving Emails in One Click?


Send Three Life Saving Emails TODAY

Tell the General Assembly it’s time to protect domestic violence survivors from gun violence

Take Action

Dear Friend,

Yes, you really can send three life saving emails with one mouse click. The “Protect Rhode Island Families Act” was just voted out of the House Judiciary Committee for a vote on the House floor. This is great news, but it means we have more work than ever to do, and the next few days will be critical. The General Assembly needs to hear loud and clear that Rhode Islanders want this bill to pass.

Click on this link to send three important emails: One to thank the House Judiciary for voting H5510 out of committee, a second to ask the Senate Judiciary to vote its companion bill S0405 out of committee, and a third to ask your Representative to vote yes on H5510.

We’ve made this as easy as possible for you. Just click this link, then click the “SUBMIT” button at the bottom of the page. This is not hyperbole. By disarming domestic abusers convicted of misdemeanor offenses as well as those subject to restraining orders, the “Protect Rhode Island Families Act” really will save lives and you can make a huge difference with one mouse click.


The Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence

New CDC Study on Kids and Guns

Safe Tennessee Project Logo

Dear Friend,

Hope this email finds you well and enjoying the summer.

Just wanted to flag a recent and very important study published Monday in the journal Pediatrics that shows that an average of 5,790 children in the United States receive emergency room treatment for gun-related injuries each year, and around 21 percent of those injuries are unintentional. The study also found that an average of 1,297 children die annually from gun-related injuries, making guns the third-leading cause of death for children in America (behind illnesses and unintentional injuries like drownings or car crashes). The number is based on data taken from 2012–2014 for children up to the age of 17.

Numerous media outlets have written about the study.

Here is the PDF version of the Pediatrics article and here are several news stories and editorials that were published in relation to the study:

Children are Dying Because of America’s Lax Gun Policies – Washington Post

Each Day Nearly 20 Kids Are Shot in America.  You’d Think We’d Do Something About That – L.A. Times

Children Are Dying Because Of Americans’ Denial About Guns – Forbes

A Dire Weekly Total for the US: 25 Children Killed by Guns – New York Times

Children Are Killing Themselves More and More With Guns – USA Today

Lastly, if you’re interested in becoming more involved, please feel free to email me – or you can just reply to this message.  Whether your interests are in research, legislation and legal issues, advocacy, communications or something else, we can use your help!

Thank you for your support and commitment to reducing gun violence~