Oregon: SB 719 and SB 1065 need hearings. Please call today!

Ceasefire Oregon
Dear Friend,

The Oregon legislative session is ending soon and our two top priority bills are still stuck in committee. Please call your legislators today or tonight (leave a message) and ask them to call for hearings on SB 719 and SB 1065.

SB 719 is an Extreme Risk Protection Order bill that allows family members to temporarily remove guns from a loved one during a time of crisis. (Learn more about SB 719 here.)

SB 1065 will disarm convicted stalkers, close the Dating Partner Loophole, and give law enforcement 14 days rather than the current 3 days to complete a firearm background check. (Learn more about SB 1065 here.)

Find your state legislator here.

When you call, be sure to say:

  • Your name and that you are a constituent.
  • You support SB 719 and SB 1065.
  • These bills are effective ways to reduce gun violence and prevent firearm suicide.
  • Oregonians cannot wait another year for legal protection from stalkers and domestic abusers.
  • Be friendly with the staff!

The legislative session is scheduled to end July 10 so we need to push now to get our bills passed!

Questions? Call us! 503-451-3630.

Thank you!

Penny, Joanne, and the entire Ceasefire Oregon Team