Rhode Island Senate passes the “Protect Rhode Island Families Act”

Thank the Senate

Thank the Senators who voted in favor of S0405 A.

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Dear Friend,

Today we scored another huge victory in our fight to make Rhode Island safer from gun violence. The Rhode Island Senate, by a vote of 33-2, passed the Protect Rhode Island Families Act sponsored by Senator Metts.

Please take a second to thank the Senators who stood up to the corporate gun lobby and voted to make victims of domestic violence in Rhode Island safer. Saying “thank you” is incredibly important because it helps us build the relationships with legislators we will need to move future legislation forward.

The bill already passed the House of Representatives, but because the Senate version is slightly different from the House bill it will need to be reconciled in committee and voted on again before it can be signed into law by Governor Raimondo. We believe this will happen on Wednesday, July 5th, but will keep you updated.

Finally, THANK YOU for all you have done this year. None of this would have been possible without your involvement.

Thank you,

The Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence