Northstar Public Health Conference on Gun Violence

Protect Minnesota, along with the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, the Nobel Peace Prize Forum, and the Minnesota Public Health Association, are pleased to invite you to participate in the Northstar Public Health Conference on Gun Violence.

Gun violence is a pervasive negative influence in America today, stealing lives, devastating families, oppressing communities, and costing Minnesota over $2 billion every year.

Every community is impacted by gun violence. While gun homicide presents a seemingly intractable challenge in some urban communities, three-quarters of gun deaths in Minnesota and similar states are suicides, which occur disproportionately in rural areas. Nationally, gun violence claims over 33,000 American lives every year—as many as are lost to the opioid epidemic.

Although often portrayed as a political issue with no remedy, the Northstar Conference will focus on gun violence as an array of inter-related public health problems that can be solved through integrated, community-based responses. The Conference will explore the causes and characteristics of gun violence in various populations, and present emerging research and best practices related to mental illness, suicide, urban violence, domestic violence, and law enforcement.

Workshop topics will address gun violence and racial and ethnic disparities

  • suicide risk factors among youth, veterans, seniors, and the LGBT community
  • domestic violence risk assessment
  • mass incarceration
  • gun violence in the media
  • community policing strategies
  • legislation and public policy
  • pastoral care

Participation in the Northstar Conference will be helpful to policy makers, public health and mental health professionals, physicians, nurses, social workers, law enforcement personnel, educators, community leaders, clergy, gun violence prevention advocates, and the media. This Conference is eligible for continuing education credits; Certificates of Attendance will be awarded.

We are also calling for presentation proposals and seeking sponsors. Click on Conference Info below for more information.